Jonell Rental Services

JRS™ Rental Vessels are specifically designed to help optimize the performance and reliability of our clients’ process systems. Our vessels are designed for utilization in liquid applications with high flow rates. Among the most common applications are systems removing solid and semi-solid contaminants from produced water, wastewater, pipeline fuels, cooling water, utility water, and many other applications requiring particulate removal from liquids and heavy dirt loading. Typical industry uses include: refining, petrochemicals, terminals, pipelines, oil production, etc.

All of our high flow vessels are designed to ASME Code and meet ANSI 600 Standards. Units are skid mounted with quick opening closures for ease of use and element accessibility ensuring minimum downtime during element change outs. Our horizontal housings are designed to minimize pressure drop and allow easy filter cartridge replacements. 

In addition, JRS Rental Vessels are specifically designed to complement Jonell’s LiquiPleat™ HF Series high flow filter elements. This high-efficiency, “inside-to-outside” flow direction liquid filter element is designed for applications with large flow requirements. These large diameter, large surface area, pleated cartridges provide the optimum combination of particle removal and contaminant holding capability.  

The primary focus of the cartridge design is to provide absolute rated efficiencies without compromising the element service life. To achieve this, we select filtration media with exceptional contaminant holding properties, but comparatively low flow resistance. LiquiPleat HF Series cartridges are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance polyester, polypropylene, micro-fiberglass, cotton, cellulose, and Nomex® media and are supported with robust steel, nylon, or polypropylene end caps.

JRS Rental Vessel Features:

  • Designed to ASME Code Standards, Section VIII, Division 1
  • ANSI 600 Pressure Ratings (1,480) @ 100° F)
  • Quick opening enclosures – easily operated by one person
  • All vessels are skid mounted for transportation and handling
  • Designed specifically to complement Jonell’s LiquiPleat™ HF Series High Flow Filter Elements


Vessel Elevated View

Vessel Side View

Vessel End View