Nowata Filter Housings

    Nowata Filter Vessel Housings

    Since 1907, Nowata designs and manufactures a complete line of cartridge and bag filter vessels for dependable filtration of water, glycol, process fluids, and natural gas. Nowata’s fabrication facility has the experience, resources, and scale to manufacture filtration housings to solve the most complicated industrial filtration needs.  

    80,000 square feet facility 
    Process Design & Optimization
    Mechanical Design & Sizing
    Electrical Design & Control Systems
    Full Project Management
    Commissioning & Start-Up Staff
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ASME Section VIII, Division 2

    Nowata Dry Gas Housings

    • Dry Gas Filter Housing removes particulate contamination from dry gas including dust, dirt, sand, and pipe scale.
    • The standard cartridges used with these dry gas vessels are .05 to 1 micron rated.
    • Single stage, forward flow filtration system is available in vertical or horizontal configuration with a high flow rate at a low differential pressure.
    • 275 PSI @ 140o F and 1/8" corrosion allowance.

    Nowata Filter Separator Housings

    • Filter Separator for Wet Gas removes particulates of dust, dirt, sand, and pipe scale plus luquids, including: water, natural gas liquids, and light hydrocarbons.
    • Two stage construction with cartridges and mist eliminator.
    • Vertical configuration for low-volume applications or horizontal configurations for high-volume applications. Horizontal units offer separate lower sump for liquid collection.
    • Custom instrumentation and automation available.
    • Not intended for the exclusive removal of oil aerosols.

    Nowata Gas/Liquid Coalescer Housings

    • Removes trace hydrocarbons and water.
    • Contains large bottom sump area for collection of liquids, as well as a standard upper chamber sump.
    • Configured vertically regardless of flow rate to utilize gravitational liquid removal benefits. 
    • Automation is available. 

    Nowata Liquid High Flow Filter Housings

    • High flow housing with smaller footprint.
    • Up to 220 gpm per 40" element.
    • Designs available from 20" to 80".
    • High dirt holding capability.
    • ANSI 150, 300, and 600 ratings.

    Nowata "N" Series Liquid Filtration Housings

    • 150 PSI working pressure.
    • Aqueous flow rates up to 4600 gpm.
    • Built to ASME code standards - code stamp on request.
    • 7 housing options: 22, 36, 55, 88, 128, 174, & 230 cartridge models
    • Cartridge lengths: 29 1/4", 30" & 40".
    • Carbon or stainless steel construction.

    Nowata Liquid/Liquid Coalescer Housings

    • Liquid/Liquid separation of immiscible liquids (discontinuous phase to 10 ppm).
    • Vertical and horizontal designs available.
    • Pre-filter protection is recommended.  

    Nowata Carbon Canister Housings 

    • Carbon steel perforated metal shell and core.
    • Canisters keep operator from handling messy bulk carbon.
    • Each 11NC22 holds approximately 31 lbs of granulated carbon.
    • Maximum flow rate per canister is 1.5 gpm.
    • Flow rates up to 57 gpm.
    • Bulk carbon vessels available for higher flow rates. 

    Nowata "W4" Series Liquid Bag Filter Housings

    Nowata "W4" Series liquid bag filter housings effectively remove dirt, pipe scale, and other contaminants from process liquids, such as water, chemical, and petroleum products. It can be used with the standard W4 size bag or the perforated bag basket support as a strainer. 
    Standard options of carbon steel or 316 stainless steel, as well as FNPT or Flanged Inlet / Outlet are avaiable or the unit can  be customized to meet specific needs.
    Designed for pressures up to 500 psi with flow rates to 50 gpm. 

    Nowata "W8T" Series Top Entry Bag Filter Housings

    Nowata "W8T" series top entry liquid filter bag housings offers 15" and 30" deep bags sizes in carbon steel and 316 stainless steel.
    This unit handles working pressure rates to 150 PSI and flow rates to 220 gpm.
    Vessel can be used with the standard #1 or #2 size bag or the standard 9/16" perforated bag basket support as a strainer.
    Options include mesh liquid lined strainer baskets and ASME Code stamp 

    Nowata "WL" Series Low Profile Hinge Assist Bag Filter Housing

    Nowata "WL" Series Low Profile hinge assist bag filter housings are designed to withstand years of field and plant operation. In applications requiring high volume filtration, the "WL" series will provide rugged and dependable service. The design of the housing allows the use of standard or high-efficiency bags and a wide range of o-ring materials with no change in design. Whether its hydrocarbons, glycol, coolants, inks, or water, the "WL" Series Low Profile Bag Housings will fit your needs. 

    Nowata In-Line Liquid Basket Strainer Filter Housings

    Nowata In-Line Liquid Basket Strainers effectively removes dirt, pipe scale, and other contaminants from process liquids such as water, chemicals, and petroleum products.
    Available in carbon steel or 316 stainless steel.
    150 psi working pressure rating. (Higher pressure ratings are available.)
    Low pressure drop.
    Flange top closure.
    High temperature flat seal.
    Drain and vent ports.
    316 stainless steel strainer basket included.