Phase-LOKTM S Series (JS) Pleated Silicone Impregnated Cellulose Separator

    Phase-LOK S Series pleated separator elements incorporate specially treated silicone impregnated cellulose to produce a hydrophobic media that repels water while allowing hydrocarbons to pass through. Due to the filtration level achieved in the coalescer stage, Phase-LOK S Series cartridges rarely foul with solids and typically require replacement only every second or third coalescer change to a maximum service life of one year. 

    Phase-LOKTM T Series Teflon® Phase Separator Filter Elements

    Phase-LOK T Series phase separator elements are constructed of Teflon® coated stainless steel screen. Phase-LOK T Series' hydrophobic Teflon media repels water while allowing hydrocarbons to pass through. Due to the filtration level achieved in the coalescer stage, T Series elements rarely foul with solid contaminants, can withstand a wide pH range, and are highly compatible in most applications.

    PhasePURTM G Series (JC) Fiberglass Coalescing Filter Elements

    PhasePUR G Series fiberglass phase coalescing filters are designed to coalesce two immiscible liquid phases within a stream to aid separation. In addition to coalescing, G Series cartridges are also highly efficient particulate filters. To safeguard against solids, G Series elements should always be protected by a pre-filter. In installations where no pre-filter exists, the G Series uses an additional pleated section on the upstream side of the coalescer media to extend the effective operating life and protect the coalescing media. 

    PhasePURTM E Series (JEB) Synthetic Phase Coalescing Filter Elements

    PhasePUR E Series synthetic liquid/liquid coalescing filters were developed for applications where glass media is not compatible. Utilizing Jonell's Tri-DEPTM synthetic coalescing media, these filters are designed to remove water from fuels, lube oils, condensates, and other hydrocarbons. 

    JPAKSTM Series Depth Style Phase Coalescing Wafer Packs

    JPAKS Series liquid coalescing wafer packs are designed in various materials and media densities specifically engineered for the separation of immiscible liquids. Through controlled fiber sizes and carefully distributed media densities, Jonell's JPAKS provide maximum coalescing surface area to ensure the optimum fluid contact time prior to gravitational phase separation of coalesced fluids. 

    HydroSorbTM Series (JPMWA) Water Absorption Filters

    HydroSorb Series water absorption elements filter solid particulates and absorb water from petroleum based fluids. Solid particulates are removed by pleated cellulose filter media which is bonded with water absorbing  hydrophilic media.