Depth Style

    Depth-LOKTM Series (JFG) Fiberglass Filter Elements

    The Depth-LOK Series fiberglass gas filters are gradient depth style filter/separator elements. They are designed for the removal of fine solids from a gas stream, as well as, coalescing liquids for easier removal. The Depth-LOK Series is one of the most popular industry filters and is regarded as an industry work horse.

    Depth-LOKTM XTR Series (JMG) Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements

    Depth-LOK XTR Series fine micro-fiberglass filters are designed for the removal of ultra-fine 0.3 micron particles such as iron sulfides (FeS) from a gas stream, as well as, coalescing liquids for easier removal. When an absolute 0.3 micron rating is required in an depth style option, the Depth-LOK XTR Series is field tested and proven to do the job. 

    Depth-LOKTM HT Series High Temperature Filter Elements

    Depth-LOK HT Series high temperature elements are specifically designed for ultra-high temperature gas filtration. By using a depth matrix of heat treated Pyrex glass fibers with high quality stainless steel hardware and high temperature gaskets, the Depth-LOK HT elements can be safely operated in high temperature applications. 

    Tri-DEPTM Series Gradient Depth Filter Elements

    Tri-DEP Series filters are our latest innovation in improved depth style filtration. Tri-DEP media uses synthetic filaments of trilobal shape cross sections providing a larger surface area per fiber and cubic unit of media than traditional circular fibers resulting in extremely high collection efficiencies. Tri-DEP media is available in polyester and polypropylene and are among the most chemically compatible materials utilized in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

    Tri-DEPTM XTR Series Gradient Depth Filter Elements

    Tri-DEP XTR Series filters have the same superior qualities as our standard Tri-DEP Series filters, but are designed for removal of ultra-fine particles from a gas stream such as shear sensitive iron sulfides and iron oxides, as well as, coalescing entrained liquids for easier removal. These highly efficient filters are available in both polyester and polypropylene media.